Gravy Train

The Blues Disciples

New fresh and traditional Blues grooves from Milwaukee's finest!

The Blues Disciples are back with their third studio release, “Gravy Train”!! This popular band out of Milwaukee WI has a history of over 30 years of Blues Music performance.

This album introduces the wonderfully talented Miss Erica Johnson and her distinct voice and style including two of her original songs. All of the additional tracks being penned by, Barefoot Jimmy Schwarz. The song writing is original, engaging, clever, and deep. The grooves are steeped in tradition and dripping with fresh soul. The musicianship is purely top shelf. The entire package is a lethal combination of modern and traditional Blues that will become a part of your collection that gets returned to frequently.

Tom Sobel has written powerful horn lines that come with a wide array of tone and emotion, ranging from tastefully colorful embellishment to a firm punch in the gut, and most places in between.

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Big Beat

The Blues Disciples

Contemporary Blues at it's Best!! Powerful Vocals on top of a stellar musical performance. Catchy original songs rooted in the tradition of the Blues. Songs that will make you want to get up and dance, wherever you are!!

Milwaukee’s perennial favorites, The Blues Disciples have done it again. Their new release, Big Beat is a juggernaut of powerful tunes by the band known for their exciting live performances.

Big Beat is the second studio release from The Blues Disciples. The cd consists of 12 songs, 10 new original songs along with two of the bands favorite cover tunes. From shuffle to funky to swing, and all points in between, this new cd is diverse, yet cohesive as the bands eclectic nature emerges in the studio as it does on stage.

“Barefoot” Jimmy Schwarz on the harp and lead vocals once again delivers killer vocals through the cd as well as searing and soothing harmonica Guitarist Paul Stilin steps out once again displaying the mastery of guitar tone and tasty chops that has brought him to the top of his craft. Chris Lehnert delivers a fresh keyboard feel with the traditional sounds of hammond organ and piano, as well as Wurlitzer organ. The foundation of the entire feel is laid down by Milwaukee's finest drummer, Matt Liban. His rhythms drive each song with energy and excitement.

The Bass lines have been laid down by three of Milwaukee's finest purveyors of low frequency. The Milwaukee legend Rick Holmes lays down the funky grooves that have made him famous in Milwaukee for decades. Amy Ashby contributes the beautiful solid and round bass tones of the more traditional material, and Matthew Wilson (John Nemeth) provides a stunning blend of traditional and "greasy" in laying down some of the most fluid and joyful tones imaginable.

This cd is also not short of special guest talent... Billy Flynn (bands to numerous to mention) the legendary Chicago guitar man contributes 4 wonderful tracks to this disc. His energy and warmth are unmistakable and go to show why he is such a popular contributor to so many blues albums. Reverend Raven (Reverend Raven and the Chain Smoking Alterboys) makes an alumni appearance with the band on 2 tracks. Reverend Raven was a part of the Blues Disciples "back in the day" and has long been a supporter of the band. He contributes 2 stinging guitar tracks to the effort. Danny Moore (Reverend Raven) the WAMI award winning keyboardist absolutely tears up the piano on several tracks, as well as making you cry on the slow one!

This Self-Produced cd comes with a quality of production, performance, and writing that rivals any of the mainstream labels. Made with passion, for real people, by real people!!

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